The Balance

Imagine that you posses on your left wrist  something akin to a watch. A digital one. That shows how much time is left until you meet your soulmate. The watch slows down when you are the furthest away from her, and speeds up when you are closer. If you meet her, the watch will simply show 00:00:00.

But at the same time, on your right wrist you have another watch. All that you know is that this watch keeps track of how long you have until you die. Currently it shows that you still have enough time, enough time to meet her, your soulmate, enough time to live your life to the fullest. Time for everything, eh?


And one day, as you’re walking down the street, you notice that the watch on your left wrist suddenly speeds up, counting down to 0 as you keep on walking. And you see her. God…she is gorgeous. Everything you ever dreamed for. You simply walk towards her, with one eye set on the woman and one eye locked on your left wrist, keeping track of the countdown, as it approaches zero. But you fail to notice your right watch.


You walk up to her and simply stare. She looks back and asks if she can help you. You look at her and simply present your left wrist. The countdown has finally reached 00:00:00. You tell her that you know what this means. That she is your soulmate. She looks at your left watch and suddenly a sad smile strucks her. She simply rolls up her left sleeve, so you can see her countdown. But you fail to notice your right wrist. Mesmerized you see her watch. And despair unleashes upon you. 99:99:99. That’s her countdown. And at that very moment, you look at your right hand. Finally. Just a second…it’s all that you need in order to comprehend the meaning of your right hand’s countdown : 00:00:05.

Smiling, you ask her:

-So…tell me where i should go? To the left, where nothing is right…or to right where nothing is left?






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